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Join us for a free rhythm section clinic with Jake Sommers and Mat Maxwell of Luke Combs!

This exclusive event is sponsored by Ernie Ball and Sabian. During this event, enjoy expanded inventory and deep day-of-event discounts on instruments, accessories, and more! RSVP today to reserve your spot and don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn from true masters of their craft.

More about the artists:

Jake Sommers is an American musician with 27 years of drumming experience. He studied his craft at the University of the Arts in Philly under teachers such as Marc Dicciani, Gerry Brown (Stevie Wonder/Diana Ross), and Jimmy Paxton (Stevie Nicks and The Chicks). He also studied with the great Dom Famularo and John Favicchia. Last year he was featured on Drumeo, and did a course on “strengthening your weaker side”. He has been nominated twice for country drummer of the year in the Drumeo Awards and Country/Americana Drummer of the year in Modern Drummers 45th Annual Readers poll. Jake also teaches in person and skype lessons to students all over the world.

Mat Maxwell has been a professional player for two decades. Primarily an electric bassist, Mat has been fortunate enough to play with some great artists and musicians all over the world. You’ll catch Mat listening to and playing, all kinds of genres. Pop, fusion, country, and more. Mat has performed with, Luke Combs, Ed Sheeran, Vince Gill, Wanda Jackson, Chris Young, Lauren Alaina, Corey Kent & many more

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